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When: March 20, 21, and 22, 2024

This three-day workshop will be packed with energy, excitement and fun as we share the sheer joy of painting abstractly. Many artists would like Sandra Washburn to work abstractly, but aren’t sure how to get started. Others would like to learn new methods of abstract composition.

Here is the opportunity to learn both!

Each morning will begin with a demonstration and a daily handout describing the process. The handouts will prove invaluable in remembering the instructions when you’re working on your own in your home studio. After lunch, a few spontaneous “pick up” demos will be given, based on the questions that arise during the morning. Group critique, teacher guidance, and asking classmates for input foster a stress free environment, where words like “fear”, “anxiety” and “can’t” have no place.

—You can, and we will.—


The goals for our workshop will be as follows:

1. Learn to loosen up, and paint with large brushes and alternative painting tools and techniques.

2. Capture the essence of a subject and eliminate the unnecessary, using lines and shapes, to convey energy and singular beauty innate to the subject.

3. Express your emotions and beliefs using line, color, and shape effectively as you manipulate the surface.

4. Comfortably use the three components of a picture plane (focal, visual path, and resting space), and work with a limited palette that expands to include other colors as the work progresses.

You will leave the class with a finished piece, or at least one that has a clear direction where you have a plan for completion. For overachievers, you may prepare in advance more than one canvas, choosing a different underpaint color for each one.

I’m excited to work with each of you. Your success is indeed my success.

Sandra Paynter Washburn

More information about this workshop such as the cost, location and times, will be coming soon. If you are interested in attending, please contact Betty Bullen at

Sandra Washburn is a regionally known artist who specializes in acrylic and mixed media paintings, as well as assemblages. Sandra’s work has won numerous regional and National awards.

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