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Serving local artists in the Knoxville and surrounding areas.


Monthly Meeting

3rd Tuesday of each Month

Please join us for every 3rd Tuesday of the month for our Association meeting  where you will be encouraged in your art and learn all sorts of new things!


LOCATION:  Westminister Presbyterian Church located at 6500 Northshore Drive, Knoxville, TN

 Upcoming Events

Join us this coming Tuesday, October 20  for an outdoor Fun meeting!  Bring a snack or dinner and your sketchbook!



Covid  has slowed things this year,  but we have been able to put on our annual Fall Show.

We hope you can join us!


WELCOME  to our new Member Donna Harmon from White Plains, TN!

We are glad to welcome a new member to TAA.  Please take a moment to visit her website and see her work.   Her contact information is on the members page and you can send her a welcome! http://www.donnaharmonfineart.com


Current  Events

JOIN in and LEARN!


As soon as we are able,  we will post upcoming classes.  Stay healthy!

Visit our Fall show at the Knoxville Emporium Center for Arts and Culture

100 S Gay Street Knoxville TN

Artist of the Month

Larry Holmes Nowell was an air intercept controller in the Navy. He was the first enlisted man to receive the Distinguished Service Medal for combat action in 1972 and was inducted into the Navy Surface Warfare Hall of Fame in 2005.

He began his artistic career in California, when a neighbor convinced him to attend a painting class. He primarily worked in oil and focused on portraits. Larry’s medium shifted to wood carving after taking a night class taught by a former Air Force man.

As a child, Larry would go to the fair and recalled a cowboy who would whittle boots out of branches. So naturally, he began by carving boots and has made thousands over the years. One of his wooden boots even made it to the Roy Rogers Museum in Victorville, CA, and Roy himself placed it in a glass case across from Trigger.

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