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Monthly Meeting

3rd Tuesday of each Month

Please join us for every 3rd Tuesday of the month for our Association meeting  We are back at meeting at our regular location at Westminster Presbiterian Church


LOCATION:  6500 S Northshore Dr, Knoxville, TN 37919

 Upcoming Events


***AUGUST 17 at the Westminster Presbiterian Church ***

We are pleased to host a fun cartooning night

with Mike Everidge.

 Please join us!


Mike Everidge, Native Hamblen County Artist


“I was inspired to draw by my grandmother, Jessie Johns, at an early age. An artist herself, she gave me the first tools of art. My grandmother sparked the flame for art while Ruth Breeding poured on the gasoline. Ruth drilled into me the desire for art as a student at Morristown East High. There I won my first award of what was trash and broken glass, arranged and glued together. I later studied painting under Ron Castle, who played a major role in how I apply oil to canvas. Ron was a major influence in my paintings. I’ve practiced my art in several forms, styles and mediums over the years. A quick list of mediums would be oil, watercolor, airbrush, pen and ink, pastels, charcoals, graphite, and of course, acrylic. Some of my styles have ranged from realist portraits and scenes to globs of emotions spread over canvas. I’ve recently dove into caricature of individuals, mixed with reality. My favorite medium is pen and ink, with oil a close second, but I have, in my later years, begun to appreciate acrylic and its properties and the simplicities of graphite. “




***2021 Members Summer Show ***

We will have a Members  show in July at the Great Smoky Mountain Heritage Center in Townsend. More informaiton will be forthcoming.

***2021 Members Fall Show ***

We will have another member show at the Maryville College Gallery in September.  More information forthcoming.

We hope you can join us!



Sandra B. Ange,  



Current  Events

JOIN in and LEARN!

Thank you to our


Denise Hood at the DISTRICT GALLERY in Knoxville, TN

We are grateful to Denise for a wonderful and eductional experience at the District Gallery in Knoxville for our July meeting!  


We have some very gifted teachers in TAA and regular classes are offered.  Please click below to see more information


NEW Artists Studio in downtown Knoxville

A group of TAA 10 members went together and rented a space at the Emporium of the Main Gallery for one year. Studio 106. The purpose is to have a place to paint and to display their artwork. It represents them but also TAA and will be mannedfrom 10 AM to 5 PM every weekday that to Emporium is open.

It would be a nice place to visit during the week and see their work and to talk with whoever is there!

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