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Serving local artists in the Knoxville and surrounding areas.


Monthly Meeting

3rd Tuesday of each Month

Please join us for every 3rd Tuesday of the month for our Association meeting  where you will be encouraged in your art and learn all sorts of new things!


LOCATION:  Westminister Presbyterian Church located at 6500 Northshore Drive, Knoxville, TN

Upcoming Demos and Speakers

October 15, 2019

William “Buddy” Person  will be demonstrating how to paint the perfect wave with oils.  We hope you can join us!

About the Artist

I am known by Buddy by most. The name suits as I am a friend to all. My present goal is to teach the world to paint and give others an appreciation of what GOD has created. By painting a scene most of us for the first time begin to SEE rather than just LOOK. I first began this journey over 10 years ago as a self taught artist. More recently I am certified to teach William Alexander’s wet on wet (ACI) and Joyce Ortner Seascapes. Growing up and living and returning to Tennessee make me appreciate the mountains, rivers and lakes. All are God’s creations and I hope to share what I know and make a positive influence on my students.  Below is a sample of one of Buddy’s works.

Current  Events

JOIN in one of our upcoming workshops!


We have 2 Opportunities for you to learn and have fun in November!

6 day Oil Portrait workshop   with MARY CAROLE


2 day Pastel Landscape Workshop


Artist of the Month

Judy Sinclair has loved art since she was born. Its always been a part of her life, from her fathers carpentry – building homes and creating detailed work – to her high school art classes. It was her wonderful art teacher there who told her the world is full of artists, and you have to do something different to stand out. This filled her with a need to create something no one else has done.

Judy has been a full-time artist for nine years. While she does some acrylic pouring, mixed media/collage pieces are her passion. She uses acrylic paint and other materials, such as handmade paper (some she makes herself), stained glass, Formica, semi-precious stones, rocks, etc. She also creates a frame with complementary colors to go around each piece, so it becomes part of the artwork. Her work has been described as a cross between realism and surrealism.


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