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When: April 17th and 18th, 2024

TAA members get priority for registering for this class, but please RSVP to Buddy Person quickly. Checks can be made out to him as well, and payment in full is due on April 2nd. Pat supplies the paint, canvas, and mediums. Artists are asked to bring their own brushes, easel, paper towels, pallet, thinner, etc. Tables will be set up at Studio 106. Deadline to register is 4/2.

Pat has studied under Joyce Ortner, Mary Carole Larson, Brenda Harris and many others. She has extensive teaching experience, has trained Bob Ross instructors, and has appeared on QVC TV network and other networks.

For additional information and to register for this workshop, contact William C. Person (Buddy) at or (305) 5223084. Mail checks (made out to him) to William C. Person 1015 McClouds Trail, Duff, TN 37729


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